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PictureThis is currently an active area of the law.  While the Wallman Law Firm has acted as counsel for lenders seeking to foreclose mortgages, the majority of this area of the practice has been defending mortgage foreclosures.  Such defense includes negotiating a reasonable and rational joint effort to minimize disruption and the obtain the highest reasonable yield upon the sale of the foreclosed property.  A growing area of the law is defending foreclosures in cases where the party attempting the foreclosure cannot demonstrate that they have become the owner of the mortgage note, and therefore have no standing to commence the foreclosure action.  It also includes defending mortgage foreclosures (in a proper case) where the mortgage has been actively traded in mortgage-backed securities often substantially inhibiting the speed with which the foreclosure action proceeds.  In addition, the Wallman Law Firm maintains referral relationships with competent bankruptcy offices and will conduct litigation within the bankruptcy courts themselves, cases that are entitled “adversary proceedings.”

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